Thermal Solutions

Commercial Bioenergy

Thermal installations use biomass – commonly known as wood chips – to provide fuel for heating. These heating systems function in much the same way as commonly used systems using fossil fuels, utilizing traditional boilers and heat distribution systems. They differ primarily in being fueled by biofuel, usually in the form of locally sourced wood chips or wood pellets.

Another form of biomass heating, common in many parts of Northern Europe, is District Heating. Here, rather than individual homes and other buildings being heated by furnaces or stoves within each building, biomass is burned in a common boiler, and hot water is piped to each home as a utility, much like natural gas or electricity. This allows for better efficiency and a simpler home heating system, and is especially attractive as part of a Combined Heat and Power system.

We provide thermal solutions based on your specific needs and have systems that are ideal for small, medium and large users. Please choose between the two options below and find more detail on our Herz biomass boilers.

Small to Medium Heat Users

  • Single Dwellings
  • Multi-dwelling units
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Offices
  • Other small-medium sized heat consumers

 KWB Multifire (20-120kW)

Large and Industrial Heat Users

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Arenas/Recreation Centres
  • Municipal buildings
  • District Heating
  • Other large heat consumers

KWB Powerfire (300kW)