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CHP unit utilizes wood pellets to provide both heat and electricity.
Boiler unit utilizes wood pellets and/or wood chips to provide heat.
Canada’s forest industry produces a significant amount of wood waste that is turned into wood pellets. The pellets are used to produce clean energy to replace fossil fuels and help achieve global climate change targets. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has recognized the 80-90% GHG mitigation potential of biomass when the biomass is developed sustainably and used efficiently. Canadian wood pellets are solely produced from the residuals of sustainably managed forests (WPAC, 2020).
Yes, they come with a warranty.
Minimal maintenance required, once or twice a year for biomass boilers.
Commercial Bioenergy supplies residential and commercial systems.
The provision of heat utilizing wood-based biomass as an input feedstock, generating heat.
System cost ranges depending upon heat and energy requirements.
1. 80-90% reduction in GHG emissions compared to coal.
2. The IPCC recognizes the significant greenhouse gas emissions mitigation potential of biomass.
3. Energy made from biomass comes from burning carbon drawn out of the atmosphere by trees. In Canada, harvested areas are reforested and start drawing in CO2 from the atmosphere within a year of harvesting. Therefore, the new trees will than be able absorb the CO2 from the atmosphere.
4. Modern bioenergy is the largest source of renewable energy globally, accounting for 55% of renewable energy and over 6% of global energy supply.
5. Since organic matter can be replaced in a relatively short amount of time, biomass is considered a renewable energy source.
6. Utilization of biomass for energy is proven to have significantly lower emissions than fossil fuels, especially when using forest residuals that would otherwise decompose or be considered waste products.
7. The plants that are the source of biomass for energy capture almost the same amount of CO2 through photosynthesis while growing as is released when biomass is burned, which can make biomass a carbon-neutral energy source.
No. Depending on the system installed it can only run on pellets or wood chips.
Savings will depend on the fossil fuel being replaced as well as the heating applications. Biomass is definitely cheaper and cleaner than fossil fuels.
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