Energy from Wood.

Sustainable. Economical. Locally Sourced.

Northern Ontario and Quebec have an abundant supply of sustainable, carbon-neutral biofuel in the form of wood residuals from forest harvesting operations. Commercial Bioenergy provides end-users – municipalities, schools, hospitals and other users the opportunity to save money on energy costs while reducing their carbon footprint and creating local business opportunities and employment.

We provide a complete solution to transition from fossil fuels like oil to biofuels – the clean and sustainable alternative that saves money! Our integrated approach provides proven state-of-the-art equipment along with reliably supplied and locally sourced biomass fuel. Whether your focus is reducing your heating cost, lowering your carbon footprint, or creating local jobs, our fully integrated bioenergy approach has you covered!

Thermal Solutions

Commercial Bioenergy provides complete thermal solutions for large and small applications using woody biomass.

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Combined Heat and Power

CHP systems utilize sustainable fibre to heat and power off-grid locations or allow customers to become self-sustaining.

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Reduce Energy Costs

Locally sourced wood by-products can significantly reduce energy costs over fossil fuels.

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Supporting Local Economies

Biomass creates local employment that is both economically and ecologically sustainable.

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Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Commercial Bioenergy has partnered with some of Europes leading technology producers and local fibre providers.

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Sustainability Certifications

Commercial Bioenergy is proud to have their fibre supply from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) compliant forest practices.

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