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Unveiling the GLOCK CHP 18, a solution tailored to serve small to medium-sized applications. This powerful system stands at the intersection of technology and sustainability, offering 18 kW of electricity production and 44 kW of thermal energy production. Specifically designed to function on 13% moisture wood chips or wood pellets, the GLOCK CHP 18 brings together the best of green energy and cost-effectiveness.

Our solution comes with a simple turn-key installation process and automatic operation, reducing complexities and ensuring you have a hassle-free experience. One of the key features of the GLOCK CHP 18 is its scalability. Up to 10 units can be cascaded, enabling you to create a system with the exact capacity needed to meet your energy demands. Whether you're a small enterprise looking to dip your toes into bioenergy or a medium-sized organization seeking to scale up your energy output, the GLOCK CHP 18 is your partner in powering a sustainable future.

GLOCK CHP 18 Performance Data

• Electrical output - 18 kW
• Thermal output - 44 kW
• Overall efficiency - 80 %*
• Electrical efficiency - 24 %*
• Thermal efficiency - 56 %*
• Fuel thermal output - 80 kW*

*According to a test report from an independent engineering office –
specification may vary due to the fuel used and the mode of operation.

Our Process In Few Steps
Step One:
We Design & Ship.
Our team meticulously designs a unique bioenergy system to cater to your needs, using sustainable local fibre and cutting-edge technology. Once crafted, we handle the careful packaging and shipping of your system to your doorstep.
Step Two:
Contract Or Install
A certified local contractor, familiar with our technology, carries out the efficient and precise installation of your bioenergy system, ensuring it's primed for optimal operation.
Step Three:
Power Your Premises
Once the system is in place, you're all set to power your premises with green energy. Harness the power of locally-sourced biomass to generate reliable, cost-effective energy, while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint.
State of the art technology

GLOCK ecotech wood gasifiers are the result of many years of development and innovation. We present you a way of producing heat and green electricity self-sufficiently using only wood chips. This novel form of energy supply offers every customer efficiency and sustainability.

Why Us!

Despite these diverse developments, developments in fossil fuel systems almost entirely eliminated any wind turbine systems larger than supermicro size. In the early 1970s, however, anti-nuclear protests in Denmark spurred artisan mechanics to develop microturbines of 22 kW.

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Key Benefits
Incorporating high-quality industrial components and robust engines, our solution is designed for longevity. It boasts a compact, maintenance-friendly design and fully automatic operation, consolidating wood gas plant and conveying technology into one comprehensive system.
Our solution achieves high-efficiency energy production, converting wood chips or pellets into electricity and heat. This process maximizes the energy potential of each biofuel source, creating a highly efficient output.
Our system is designed to capitalize on the highest feed-in tariffs, leading to high economic profits. Its cost-effectiveness is evident in the short payback times and protection from energy price fluctuations, offering stability in a world of changing energy costs.
Producing energy in a CO2-neutral manner, our solution champions environmentally friendly practices. This system contributes to sustainable utilization of domestic resources, harnessing the power of the environment to create clean energy.
Save Money, Save The Environment!
Providing Value To Our ClientsThrough Ongoing Product & Innovation.

Partner with Commercial Bioenergy for world-class, sustainable power solutions. We combine European technology and local biomass for efficient heating and power. Let's enhance your energy setup and budget together. Reach out now for a tailored quote.

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