Large Application

Commercial Bioenergy

The KWB Powerfire 150-300kW biomass boiler is a highly efficient system that brings the flexibility and convenience of using wood chips or wood pellets for heating. It is ideal for large buildings such as schools, hospitals, arenas and recreation centres and municipal offices and for district heating projects.

The system is designed to operate with minimal operator intervention. Combustion ash and fly ash are automatically augered into the ash bins during the heating process and fully automatic ash removal into a larger external ash container is available for further convenience.


Fuel feeding and combustion chamber and heat exchanger cleaning are all automated for simple, trouble-free operation. A built-in lambda probe continuously monitors flue gas values and detects fuel quality changes. It controls the primary and secondary air supply to ensure optimum combustion efficiency and low emissions, even in partial load conditions.

Regulated Heating

KWB Comfort 4 makes for easy and efficient heating. Its practical fill level sensor will always display how much wood you need to add to efficiently operate your system. 

Remote Access

If anything changes concerning the status of your heating you will immediately get informed via sms or mail. You can easily control heating times, programs and temperatures via smartphone, tablet or PC. You can also start your heating remotely while for example being on your way home. In that way it will already be cozy on your arrival.

Additional Information

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