Reducing Energy Costs

Commercial Bioenergy

Energy costs are particularly high in much of Northern Ontario and Quebec due to transportation and infrastructure costs. Fuels, such as heating oil, must be transported long distances and there are remote communities and industrial installations like mining camps that are not served by the electrical grid and rely on diesel generators. Bioenergy, using locally sourced biomass fuel, such as wood residuals from the forest industry can generate significant cost savings.

Modern bioenergy technologies are reliable and affordable, and locally sourced biomass can provide significant savings over fossil fuels. Our fully integrated approach includes a reliable, locally sourced fuel supply, a well-designed heating system with modern equipment and a proven track record. You know your costs – and savings up front and into the future.

Quebec Offers Carbon Credits

In addition to the energy cost savings, the province of Quebec offers carbon offset credits in their efforts to combat climate change. These credits are made available for the number of tons of CO2 emitted. These credits make the transition to biomass easier and more affordable for the end user.

Supporting Local Economies

Biomass creates local employment that is both economically and ecologically sustainable.

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Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Commercial Bioenergy has partnered with some of Europes leading technology producers and local fibre providers.

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Sustainability Certifications

Commercial Bioenergy is proud to have their fibre supply from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) compliant forest practices.

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