GGV 2.7

Commercial Bioenergy

The Glock GGV 2.7 solution is designed for medium to large sized applications and is rated at 50 kW electricity production and 110 kW thermal energy production. Designed to operate on 30% moisture wood chips or wood pellets, it is designed for simple turn-key installation and automatic operation. Up to 10 units can be cascaded to create a system with whatever capacity is needed.

The Glock GGV 2.7 gives you efficient, carbon neutral energy production from sustainable, local fuel sources.

Specs: GLOCK wood gasification plant GGV 2.7

  • 50 kW electrical power rating*
  • 110 kW thermal power rating*
  • 50 kg/h wood chips consumption*
  • 50 kg/h pellets consumption*
  • Max. 90°C thermal output
  • 3.4 x 2.6m dimensions
    *according to: ISO 17225-4 A1 P16S-P31S